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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Check my work?
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 18:25:54 GMT
Hash: SHA1 wrote:
> I have finished the View and Print sections of the Options page in 
> the User Guide.
>  Would someone have a look at this and tell me if I am on the
> right track? I used the old User Guide as a starting point, but
> added more detail without (I hope) copying the original. My goal
> was to say something about every control, without turning it into a
> tutorial.
> The sections from Fonts to Accessibility are blank on that page, so
> I am going to just keep filling it in. Is there anywhere I should
> be recording my progress?
> Would also appreciate some direction on what level the headings 
> should be. I am going to look at some of the other sections to get 
> some idea, but any help is appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Steven Hupp

I will be happy to go over your work later today. Just one caution on
the older User Guides. These were done by ODF Authors in th days when
Sun and Oracle sponsored the project and are under a different license
that is incompatible with the ALv2 license we are now using at Apache.
I see no problem using them as a guide for structure etc. but care
must be taken not to re-use an content.

As far as the headers are concerned Header 1 by convention is used for
the tittle of the page. 1st level headers in the document should start
at level 2 and work down.  Good references to use are the following
documents on the wiki:
I usually have at least the editing policy open in a separate browser
tab for quick reference as there is a section in there of helpful
templates that are used in all of our documentation.

We use the status page as our mans of tracking were pages are. It can
be found here: add you
name as author to any page that you write and use the Notes and Status
section to communicate needed info. Also keep coming to the list with
questions or concerns. This is our main tool for discussion of
anything dealing with documentation.

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