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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Apache/AOO YouTube channels/ video documentation/ captions
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 15:45:06 GMT
On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 1:34 AM, Gregory Zobel <> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm not sure if this is a doc or marketing question, so I apologize if I've
> posted this in the wrong place.
> I was just watching a video about documentation by an Apache doc writer (
> ). The video is on the Apache channel.
> Then I watched Rob's guide to adding anonymous diffs (
> ). That video was hosted on Rob's own channel.
> The automatic captions were far from accurate. As a regular video-based
> learner and part-time captioner, bad captions is frustrating. Bad captions
> also limits/prevents access to user and learner communities.

Hmmm... I never noticed the autocaption feature.  You are right, it
did not do a good job with my video, I see lines like "Apache see a
mass from the perspective over murder on Apache project", which is not
quite what I intended ;-)

> This left me with several questions:
> 1 Is there a specific channel dedicated to AOO docs or sharing other good
> AOO videos created by others?

Not currently.  We've been using personal accounts.   There was some
discussion about the YouTube non-profit program, but no one has worked
through the requirements to see what is needed:

Is this something you are familiar with at all?   We'd like to avoid
having a Youtube account that is tied to a single person's Google
login.  We'd like something branded as Apache OpenOffice where we can
have multiple authorized editors/managers from the project able to add
videos, etc.   Ideally we'd be able to curate a selection of relevant
videos that others have put on YouTube as well.

> 2 Who decides where the videos go or which ones go on YouTube?

There is no particular plan or policy on this.

> 3 Finally, to my greatest interest, is there any current effort to caption
> AOO videos? Is Apache using Amara ( ) to cloud-source
> captions like TED and Mozilla do? Or?  If there is a captioning plan, how
> are the videos to be captioned selected? If there is not a captioning plan,
> where do I look?

Nothing at the AOO level in this area.  If you want an Apache-wide
perspective (there are over 100 Apache projects at the ASF) then you
can post a query to the community development project at



> I plan on watching a lot of the Apache videos, and I learn when I caption.
> I figure I can learn and help out users and AOO at the same time.
> Direction, suggestion, or guidance is welcome.
> Best,
> gz
> --
> ---
> Gregory B. Zobel, Ph.D.
> Assistant Professor of Educational Technology
> MSEd Program Coordinator
> Western Oregon University
> 345 N. Monmouth Ave
> Monmouth, OR 97361

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