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From Apache <>
Subject Re: User Guides
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 05:54:55 GMT
My thought is to read through some guides on Excel and work from there. They're are similar
enough to give a good baseline of what should be covered and in what order.

Mike Humpherys

On Nov 5, 2013, at 4:51 PM, Ricardo Berlasso <> wrote:

> 2013/11/5 Michael Humpherys <>
>> Hey,
>> I'm going to start working on the Calc guide and contributing a bit to the
>> Draw guide. Do you have a method for what sections need to be covered and
>> in what order? Thanks!
> Many thanks to you! The Calc guide is really needed!
> You can look at the structure of the Writer guide to get a general idea.
> The guide should be "progressive", starting with a general description (UI
> elements, the sidebar, etc.), up to the more complex arguments (conditional
> formatting, RegExp on formulas, etc.). The idea is to refers whenever it's
> possible to existing material: for example, describing the Calc UI, refers
> to the general UI description at the beginning of the guide.
> Other than that, I cannot tell you (I do not use Calc that much), but if
> you propose the structure of what you want to write, other list members
> will help you to refine it.
> Thanks again for starting this important work!
> Regards,
> Ricardo
>> ~Mike

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