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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: New Doc Volunteer
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2013 12:38:16 GMT
Brandon Youngdale wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Brandon Youngdale and I just joined the volunteer documentation
> team today. I love OpenOffice and I have appreciated it so much as I have
> gone through my Bachelors and Masters degree in Writing that I wanted to
> start giving back to the community however I could. I am so glad that I can
> help even though I am not a programmer/engineer. I have 3 years of
> experience editing, proofreading, and writing in various fields (both
> business related and educational). I am excited to help and begin
> contributing!
> Thanks for the opportunity,
Hi Brandon;

Your experience will be a great help for the project!

The user documentation is being worked on the wiki, so you need to get 
an account. For more details, see this page

The draft for the 4.0 user guide is growing here: (there is a link 
to the "status page" at the end).

There are several missing pages and holes on the existing ones, but an 
easy start would be to proofread the existing pages and check the 
information for "accuracy". Note that this guide is aimed to AOO 4.0, so 
you need the latest version to check the guide.

Clearly, writing an user guide implies not only writing skills but also 
knowledge of the software: if you have any doubt about how Apache 
OpenOffice works, just ask!
So the "tasks" available are many, some of them already mentioned:
   ● Check spelling and grammar for existing pages (proofreading)
   ● Check if it is possible to reproduce what the  guide suggest, i.e.,
     if topics are clearly explained (accuracy and "understandability")
   ● Write new material It is also possible to add
   ● User Guide "design": to make the user guide more visually
     "appealing" to the readers.

We use this mailing list to discuss the changes. In general we can say 
that the approach is
   ● small changes like fixing typos and formatting errors: just do it!
   ● new material: just announce it! Both at the beginning of your work
     and when you are done.
   ● big changes like moving sections or rewriting existing material:
     discuss first on the list!

  Tester, editor or writer? You choose


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