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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Writer draft outline
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 19:15:23 GMT
Natasha Selvey wrote:
> I would like to propose some changes to the outline of the Writer draft.
> The first change is under the first topic page "Getting to know Writer".
> The first subsection is titled "Editing text", but includes "Writer's User
> Interface" and "Writer's sidebar", which I consider off-topic. I propose
> moving all "Working with text" topics to a separate page.
> Current outline:
>     1. Getting to know Writer
>        1. Editing text (remove this section title, see below changes)
>        1. Writer's user interface (move to its own subsection, I think it is
>           hidden under "Editing text" and more relevant on its own)
>           1. Writer's sidebar (move to its own subsection, same as above)
>              2. Working with text (move to its own page, there is a dearth
>           of information to be covered)
>           3. Numbered list and bullets (move to subsection under "Working
>           with Text" page - more relevant under that topic)
> Proposed Outline:
>     1. Getting to know Writer
>        1. Writer's user interface
>        2. Writer's Sidebar
>     2. Working with text
>        1. Numbered list and bullets
> Please send me your concerns or an okay to move forward. Thanks.
> -Natasha Selvey

+1 Your proposed changes make sense to me and I believe they would 
enhance the quality of the documentation.

Since you phrased it as a proposal I would wait 72 hours and if there is 
no negative feedback then assume lazy consensus and proceed to make the 


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