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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: Introduce Myself
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 19:27:34 GMT
erica g wrote:
> Thank you, Keith. I do have a question about AOO 4.0 -- is there is a place
> I can download the current build? I searched around but wasn't able to find
> it. I would like to use that build to check the current documentation for
> accuracy as you suggest.
> Also I was thinking about working on some of the pages for Draw, as it
> seems there are a few there that need authoring. At any rate, using 4.0
> would be better if I'm writing for that build.
> Regards,
> Erica

Hi Erica;

I see that Edwin already sent you the link to the latest snapshot build 
of 4.0. Be aware that these builds are done with full integration so 
that they can delete an older stable version. There is a check box in 
the installer that lets you delete older versions that is checked by 
default. If you want to keep a stable older version along with the 
development 4.0 you should clear that box.

Feel free to work on the Draw sections or any others that you feel 
comfortable with.


> On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 8:58 PM, Keith N. McKenna
> <>wrote:
>> erica g wrote:
>>> Hi everyone.
>>> Just joined up as a volunteer.
>>> A bit about me: former QA tester for three years and now starting up as a
>>> technical writer.
>>> I want to help out with documentation but not sure if there's anything in
>>> particular I should be focused on.For a start I just looked in the wiki
>>> for
>>> pages marked as needing help/editing and started into editing those pages.
>>> Is there anything more pressing I should be working on? Or any other
>>> advice
>>> to bestow upon me?
>>> Much appreciated.
>>> -E
>>>   Hell-o Erica;
>> Welcome to Apache OpenOffice and the documentation team. If you haven't
>> already looked at it <**
>> orientation/intro-doc.html<>>
>> is a good place to start.
>> Updating those older pages is always a help. The draft for the 4.0 user
>> guide is growing here:**
>> wiki/Documentation/UserGuide<>(there
is a link to the "status page" at the end). There are several
>> missing pages and holes on the existing ones, but an easy start would be to
>> proofread the existing pages and check the information for "accuracy". Note
>> that this guide is aimed to AOO 4.0, so there are instructions on the guide
>> that do not completely correspond to the stable builds (like "menu Tools →
>> Options → Apache OpenOffice": on 3.4.1 you'll find "" there).
>> There is a status page at**
>> wiki/Documentation/UserGuide/**Status<>that
we use to track what has been done.
>> If you have any questions please drop a line here and we will get back to
>> you with an answer.
>> Regards
>> Keith
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