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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Draft of Documentation "Orientation Module"
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2013 19:00:45 GMT
I'm following the model that worked well with Marketing and QA, where
we have a page for new volunteers to visit that explains the work we
do and helps them get started.  Then we have a blog post that helps
draw them in by explaining why this work is important and fun.  And
then we link to that blog post on our home page, Facebook page, etc.

So it is four stages:

1) Get their attention on website (750K views per day)

2) Blog post to persuade some subset of them to volunteer (maybe 3000

3) Orientation page to answer the most common questions (Maybe 200 visits/day)

4) And then a subset of those write to the mailing list and volunteer

With QA we had over 50 volunteers write to the mailing list and offer to help.

I'm willing to help put these pieces together, but I will need help
reviewing the material, and especially help with handling the new
volunteers at step 4.  New volunteers need to be welcomed, their
questions answered, and tasks assigned.

(At first I thought new volunteers would be offended if you assigned
them tasks.  It is so "corporate".  But if they genuinely want to
help, and don't know where to get started, assigning them a task helps
them contribute.  It is a good thing.  If you don't assign them tasks
they tend to evaporate.  Of course, once a new volunteer gets more
familiar with the project they will pick up tasks themselves.)

In any case, here is a draft of the orientation page:

Let me know if there is anything that should be added.  Maybe ask
yourself:  What should every documentation volunteer want to know
before getting started?



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