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From rain <>
Subject New African Language Dictionary ? ; Luo Language = DhoLuo
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 13:26:41 GMT
Good Morning to all of and supporters. You are great!!
Congratulations for your successful works on behalf of culture, 
knowledge, improvement.
My name is George Odhiambo
I am very happy to find so many South African Languages
available in Open Office Dictionaries.
It makes me wishing I could help with plenty of effort,
through joining a group of people with similar interest,
and create a DHOLUO Dictionary
for the many who later could benefit
by downloading and running it
when word needs a spelling control, etc.

I would like to receive indications on what data-base, query, form...
should I start using
to begin filling with words
of same meaning
in two different Languages (i.e.: English AND DhoLuo)

To me it would become a long lasting process.
Would you do help me to make it shorter
by creating a group of people, with structured plans,
well organised,
that later you could offer DHOLUO dictionary
to users of OpenOffice, Android, Linux, Apache,
and many of future applications, OS, ...
through your superb Apache Open Office organization.

These my today Prayer to Ancestors. Amen

I would had a big problem if someone would ask me to trace the areas 
where Tsonga or Veda people have their homesteads, the area where their 
ancestors kept their grazing fields, or the are where Tsonga and Veda 
languages are spoken.
I am to learn many many things yet.

In case you would like it,
I insert here a small drawing with the area
where people do talk one another in markets,
in homesteads, in school yards...
by using beautiful DhoLuo Language words.
Thanks for your time.
Have a nice day.

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