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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: [Discuss]Call for volunteers [Was: Re: Starting to build the user guide]
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2013 20:20:50 GMT
Rakesh Thakoordyal wrote:
> I'd like to take part in this project.  I'm lightly familiar with
> Calc and have been using Writer as my main word processor for the
> last few months (used to be Word).  I also wouldn't mind helping to
> write documentation for the other products, would just need time to
> familiarize myself with them.
> I know that there is documentation for Version 3.3 already so would
> this involve updating those docs for a newer version or is this a
> complete re-write?
> Rakesh T.


Due to licensing constraints on the 3.3 and earlier documentation the 
4.0 documentation is being done as a complete re-write on the the mwiki 
under ALV2 license. To see the current stage of the drafts go and take a look 
at them. Anyone can read the wiki anonymously; however if you want to 
edit pages you need an account. To create one click the "create account" 
in the top left corner of the page and fill in the form and submit it. I 
believe we are still enforcing a 4 day wait period after the account is 
created before being able to edit anything as an anti-spam measure.

> ________________________________ From: Keith N. McKenna
> <> To:
> Sent: Sunday,
> January 27, 2013 1:50:20 PM Subject: Re: [Discuss]Call for volunteers
> [Was: Re: Starting to build the user guide]
> RGB ES wrote:
>> 2013/1/21 Rob Weir
>> <>
>>> <snip>
>>> Do we want to have a "call for volunteers" soon?  Or do you want
>>> to make more progress first?
>>> -Rob
>> Today I'm at just four pages to end the first bare-bones draft for
>> the Writer guide. Beside the fact that I can also write the draft
>> for a Math guide I think it is time to think about a call for
>> people that can fill the holes on what I wrote, check my clumsy
>> grammar and start writing on those topic I cannot write (Calc,
>> Base, Impress, Draw, Asiatic/complex layout language settings and
>> macros).
>> Maybe we can do the call on two steps, calling first on the forums
>> and users mailing list for people with experience on the program
>> (on the forums there are many experienced users) and only
>> afterwards make a more general call: to write a complete user guide
>> good will is not enough.
>> What do you think?
>> Regards Ricardo
> I concur that we need to start doing a call for volunteers. A two
> step approach that you describe sounds like a good way to start. I
> have been going through the introduction sections making grammatical
> changes as best that I can, but though English is my native language,
> I am by no means a grammatical expert. We need to attract not only
> people who can write, but also people who can proof read and edit.
> I also agree with your earlier statement that we need to agree soon
> on an overall style so that editors and proof readers know what to
> edit against, as well as authors to use from the start.
> Regards Keith

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