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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Proposal for Moving Forward with Documentation
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2013 17:58:46 GMT
 We have a small set of volunteers right now, but it should be easy to
attract more if we do a "Call for Volunteers".  This worked very well
for translators, marketing and QA, for example.  But what we learned
there is that you really need to have a project structure in place
before bringing in new volunteers.  Otherwise everyone just sits
around, waiting for something to happen.

So this suggests the following steps:

1) Establish a basic list of deliverables for the AOO 4.0 time frame.
Realistically, what should we aim for in the April/May time frame?
Maybe think of this as a minimal goal, plus some "stretch goals" that
we might be able to do if we have more volunteers.

2) Do some basic preparatory work for at least some of the deliverables, say:

a) design the document templates

b) define a table of contents or rough content outline for each core deliverable

c) agree on what the workflow will look like:  authoring, editing,
public review, translation, publication, etc.  We don't need 100%
detail, but we need enough to have a meaningful agreement among
ourselves what the process should look like.

3) Call for Volunteers -- By this point we've defined enough of a
framework that we can bring in new volunteers without it being too

4) Execute

5) Deliver

Does this make sense?


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