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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: AOO418 cherry picks
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2020 00:20:21 GMT
I've got everything on my list for AOO418 in the queue:

  * Fix for old java detection when building with new java
    Set java compilation target to version 1.5 #101

  * Bug fixes from upstream for bundled libxml2 and serf modules
    Libxml+serf 418 #102

  * Upgrade to a newer bundled nss
    Nssupgrade - Upgrade bundled nss to nss-3.39-with-nspr-4.20 #100

The first two have been committed to trunk and AOO42X.  The AOO418
changes have been lightly tested on Debian 9, Windows 7, and CentOS 5.

The last pull request has not yet been merged to trunk.  The changes
have been tested on Debian 9, Windows 7, and CentOS 7.  Upgrades to NSS
have been problematic in the past, especially on MacOS.  This module is
used for document signing and signature checking.


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