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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject "New" Todo List
Date Thu, 14 May 2020 06:48:04 GMT

I discuss off list with a Jyotirmoy Singh, who is interested to help on 
OpenOffice. I do it off list because I do not have much hope if on list 
will do any difference on the outcome.

since we go back and force what he could do I created a new list of 
Points that are on my mind, and I have added Names to it, who is 
currently maybe on the topic or knows something on it.

I abused a page Kay started some years back just because my old List has 
now a little other focus, and I found the topic more general fitting.

I will probably change it somehow again. Maybe work a bit to get it in 
more shape. Move things to Bugzilla, and link it to overview Pages or 
similar. I do not know. Currrently it has been a quick mind dumb.

If one has a better Idea for presentation feel free to try to improve 
the list.

Points missing can be added. No Issue. Feel free.

All the Best


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