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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: A openoffice 'dependency' map
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2019 20:54:52 GMT
Since I found out for uploading something in Cwiki the page needs
additional rights, I decided to go for MWiki.

I have updated

you can also do some sort of versioning there, which is nice.

I hope you are not too disappointed from the document.

On 01.10.19 18:42, Kay Schenk wrote:
> Mwiki does have "versioning" of a sort. You can look at previous
> versions of pages and do rollbacks.
> I'm looking at the following --
> in which you can see how revisions are managed.
> Good that you are trying to deal with this in any way though.
> "And in the end, only kindness matters."
>    -- Jewel, "Hands"
> ______
>  MzK
> On 9/30/19 11:13 PM, Peter Kovacs wrote:
>> Sadly a picture as such is currently of no use. The picture has 1200
>> objects. Most of them pointers from one Modul to another. And there
>> are still errors or modules are duplicated. Draw has some flaws for
>> this use case. But I already learned what we need to improve in Draw.
>> The map is still work in progress. But I would like to share it in
>> this early stage.
>> Confluence has the advantage that it versions the document. That
>> would make it easier to maintain. Does mwiki also version the code?
>> Hmm maybe we could move the contents of other picture already on
>> Confluence in this document so you would obtain a document that
>> contains all pictures. From the good ones we can the create pictures
>> as links.
>> Am 1. Oktober 2019 01:19:03 MESZ schrieb Marcus <>:
>>> Am 30.09.19 um 21:51 schrieb Peter Kovacs:
>>>> I have made it to my first milestone in creating documentation. I
>>> have created a draw document that shows all modules. Pointers point
>>> towards providers and dependencies, from the configuration standpoint
>>> of the build system.
>>>> It is not really accurate, but it gives an idea on the topic.
>>>> Where do you think is the right home for this document? It is maybe
>>> to thing that will prevail since the manual effort of maintenance is
>>> quite high.
>>> I would say, make a JPG or PNG of it, put it in Confluence with some
>>> text and attach the original Draw doc to that page. Maybe here [1]?
>>> [1]
>>> Marcus
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