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From Matthias Seidel <>
Subject Re: git revision missing when building 4.1.7 from the source tarball
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2019 19:55:06 GMT
Hi Jim,

Am 03.10.19 um 21:16 schrieb Jim Jagielski:
> Here is the logic of the patch:
> Basically, at build time, the same system in place to get the "repo version" is used...
During the build it checks to see if the build is based on a git checkout and, if so, uses
the short hash. If not a git repo, it sees if it's SVN and uses that. If neither, then it
looks for a special file solenv/inc/reporevision.lst and uses the string in there as the repo
revision number.
> What the aoo_srcrelease process does now is that it finds the git/svn revision and places
that *in* the reporevision.lst file. So when people build from the source repo, it will be
the revision number from the version that the source repo was from.

That sounds good!


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