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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: gstreamer status for 4.2.0-dev?
Date Mon, 28 May 2018 17:54:34 GMT
The implementation can be found at avmedia/source/

I think we use native API / libs for Windows and Mac.

Am 28. Mai 2018 19:18:34 MESZ schrieb Kay Schenk <>:
>On 05/28/2018 12:05 AM, Peter kovacs wrote:
>> Imho the gstreamer libs are still the method of choice for doing
>This is ONLY for Linux. So, how is multimedia "integrated" in AOO for
>Mac and Windows? Can someone point us to the applicable code areas for
>I have a feeling gstreamer was integrated long ago when no other
>multi-media standard/app for Linux existed. Now it seems VLC seems to
>the standard for the most part. (This is a dated web page but I think
>it's still a good reference:
>Basically, we are supplying gstreamer as a multimedia app to Linux when
>maybe this isn't really needed.
>> The current state is that trunk can utilize the gstreamer API 1.0.0
>> We have the issue not resolved the issue to provide gstreamer for
>different Distributions. (Main issue: centos6 is to old to support the
>new gstreamer 1.0.0 API)
>> We have 2 suggestions to solve the issue:
>> 1) implement 0.1.0 and 1.0.0 API. 
>> 2) move the implementation into an optional extention.
>> Both solutions have currently not followed up. 
>> All the best
>> Peter
>> Am 26. Mai 2018 18:53:46 MESZ schrieb Kay Schenk
>>> On 05/23/2018 05:35 AM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
>>>> Subj line sez it all... where are we? There was a proposal to make
>>> a run-time dependency but afaict there hasn't been any effort yet it
>>> doing that.
>>>> I know we have a handful of other things TODO re: 4.2.0 but this
>>> seems to be an inflection point for the Linux builds and so I really
>>> think we need to resolve this if we have any intent in getting a
>>> beta out in a reasonable time frame.
>>> What would happen if we simply stopped including the
>>> option in the build? Mac and Windows builds don't use it, and it
>>> applies to Linux. 
>>> I haven't investigated the code much to see how the gstreamer
>>> are used. The Linux distros now mostly use Freedesktop lower level
>>> interfaces except I don't know what Unity uses. Is building with
>>> gstreamer still needed/compliant with this? In short, how are video
>>> applications determined in Linux now? Do we need a different
>>> for integration of video objects in Linux?
>>> If anyone knows the history of this, it would be very helpful to
>>> discussion.
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