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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: I have uncovered something wierd!!!
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2018 21:06:41 GMT
Hi Leah,

I'm sorry to hear that you have these problems. However, reading over an 
over again I cannot see a connection to OpenOffice. Therefore my 
recommendation is that you use the users@ mailing list [1] or the users 
forums [2] to discuss this.

Please note that that you have contacted the OpenOffice developers 
mailing list. This is used to coordinate the development work of Apache 
OpenOffice. Your e-mail does not meet that criteria.


Thanks for your understanding.


Am 09.03.2018 um 20:50 schrieb Leah Bromlow:
> Ok, I have been moving this year so I had no idea what was going on until
> this very hour. I know that I have been very depressed sad angry... I have
> had no access to my work, I have been locked out of all of it.
> Every time I have tried to use open office I have been met with nothing but
> frustration.  My husband was like it's so easy... It should have been I
> think I realize that now I thought maybe your download would have solved
> some of my problems, you see I was still going on the assumption it was all
> user created problems till I tried to download and was met with problems
> again, every time I try to download your program big problems assert
> themselves... So I decided to write you and that's when the light's all
> came on. My computer fought me with everything it had, I have literally
> wrote this E-mail 4 times now. But this time I am sending it to all three
> of you in hopes you do not ignore me and it hopes you get it. This time I
> am free and clear of the problems I think... I logged into google and out
> of outlook... Ok, sorry I need to get to the point....
> I still have the Microsoft programs on my computer.  They came with it.  I
> was getting ready to have my husband just buy them I have been so depressed
> not being able to write, but now I am just pisssssed off after what they
> have pulled today.
> Every time I wrote to you today it wiped my message off of outlook, I
> haven't had any problems with outlook???????? I didn't even know that they
> were connected. but it said that like my word and stuff it too was out of
> date now, all of a sudden. and every time I tried to write you it deleted
> it.  That's scarry really.   The stuff books are made of actually!!!!! 4
> times.  This time is fine no problems I am even going to get to send it...
> but everything that is Microsoft is playing with me and will not allow your
> program to run on my computer properly? Any ideas suggestions?? shoot
> computer is not an option :) I have an hp Notebook with touchscreen and I
> have never been able to ever enjoy it. I am sick of that! I want my
> computer back.

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