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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: [proposal] going Agile
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2018 06:41:58 GMT
How can I build only core package?
I am only aware to build everything, or a certain range of modules, or I can build explicit
one module.

I do not want to take away the ability to build all in one step.
But I think if you are only rebuilding core it saves you a lot of time. And if you can check
 if there is an effect beyond package boarders, it helps you to avoid the issues that had
happened in 4.1.5.
Just thinking. I said I am sorry was to hasty in this.

Am 10. Februar 2018 14:46:01 MEZ schrieb Patricia Shanahan <>:
>> On Feb 9, 2018, at 20:05, Peter Kovacs <> wrote:
>>> On 09.02.2018 01:19, Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>>> On February 8, 2018, at 5:51 AM, Peter Kovacs <>
>>> # Devide the Project into different selfcontained parts. so we have
>>> smaller chunks to swallow. (Maybe we should consider breaking the
>>> compile Process into individual compile steps by package just to
>>> Complexity.)
>>> How would this be different from what we have now? The code is
>already divided into modules, and the build process builds each to get
>the packages.
>> I wrote hasty. I do not know for sure since to me the build system is
>a big huge black box.
>> I want more transperency, better control over the code.
>> I think if we hard split the build and only build each package on
>their own we will gain a better view on the code. But I could be wrong.
>> At least I would like to have the option.
>You already have the option. I am not sure it would help. 
>I am a bit worried be “At least”. Any change that breaks build
>automation would be impractical for me. I need to issue a single
>command, go do none AOO activities, and have my new build ready to test
>when I get back.
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