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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: slowness
Date Sun, 07 Jan 2018 20:31:23 GMT
Hagar Delest wrote:
> For the record, I think that the forums (or at least the English one) 
> are also less responsive. Maybe due to the server change.

I'm not sure it's the same problem. The problem being discussed here is 
not about the site being responsive, but about something like: I open and nothing happens for a few minutes (since 
the first DNS times out), but then it loads (since it switches to the 
second DNS entry) and from then on I can continue browsing at ordinary 
speed until I close my browser.

If what you see on the forum is more like every page load being a little 
slower than usual, then it must be a different problem. Yes, Infra 
recently changed the SQL server. But this shouldn't have an impact on 
performance, unless the new server is really too small. If you believe 
this could be the case, we can Infra to monitor the system load on the 
new server to be sure.


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