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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: A more sane way to build - SCons, deCygwination and other hopes
Date Sun, 03 Dec 2017 17:48:56 GMT
On 02/12/2017 Jim Jagielski wrote:
> What I don't want is some hybrid monstrosity like we
> have now. Nor do I want work on the build system to hold
> off release of 4.2.0.

This is surely a good point. Actually, the wide delay between 4.1.0 and 
the future 4.2.0 is due in big part to build changes. Most welcome, but 
also time consuming.

There is a reason, though, that makes Damjan's current effort worth 
investigating in all cases: we had to put a large patch (for a bugfix 
involving work with remote files) on hold for 4.1.2 since that would 
have required updating serf, which in turn would have implied that we 
added support for SCons as they have switched to it for their recent 
releases. I can dig up the issue if you need, just ask if interested. 
Having a way to build SCons-based packages would already be a step 
forward. And yes, it would be "just another tool" in this case, but with 
so many dependencies we must be able to integrate many build systems.


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