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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: 4.5.0? (Was: Re: AOO 4.2.0 and macOS)
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2017 18:49:39 GMT
Am 10.10.2017 um 01:15 schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
> Jim Jagielski wrote:
>> I was wondering... what do people think about going from 4.1.x all the
>> way straight to 4.5.0...
>> Since this next "major" release is pretty major, maybe a
>> bigger step in number might be justified. Especially if
>> we drop some older supported platforms.
> We should focus on 4.1.4 until the release process is complete. And then 
> we should start a proper discussion (that I'll be very happy to 
> participate in, since my list of pending, realistic, proposals is 
> getting longer and longer!) about the next release.

strong +1

To be honest, we have enough to do to get our 4.1.x release out. 
Therefore I doubt we should invest a single minute into the version 
numbering for the next but one release as it is not yet relevant.

my 2 ct.


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