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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Issue for 4.1.4 and MacOS
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2017 22:39:34 GMT
Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> In terms of the update feed, we can keep on hold the update feeds for
> the 4.1.3 (and earlier) to 4.1.4 upgrade for Mac users; and once 4.1.5
> is out, we will push the update as usual.

Another obvious thing we can do (if we are really sure that 4.1.4 for 
Mac contains a dataloss bug) is to simply retire the Mac build. The 
download page would suggest 4.1.4 for other platforms and 4.1.3 for Mac, 
with a short explanation saying that OS X binary builds will be provided 
soon (then whether this happens with "new" 4.1.4 builds or with 4.1.5 is 
a detail that doesn't concern users at this time).

Files would still be on SourceForge for those who really want to 
download 4.1.4, but this would still guarantee that Mac users do not 
download a build known to have issues.


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