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From Matthias Seidel <>
Subject Re: Committed: new database driver for PostgreSQL, SDBCX API for Java
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2017 12:36:38 GMT
Hi Damian,

That sounds good!

Unfortunately your commit seems to break the build on our buildbot(Win10
64bit/Java 8):

1 module(s): apache-commons need(s) to be rebuilt Reason(s): ERROR:
error 65280 occurred while making
/cygdrive/e/slave14/aoo-win7/build/main/apache-commons/java/lang When
you have fixed the errors in that module you can resume the build by
running: build --from apache-commons

dmake:  Error: -- `../../'
not found, and can't be made

Regards, Matthias

Am 20.08.2017 um 21:34 schrieb Damjan Jovanovic:
> Hi
> In revision 1805579 I committed a large patch to AOO, that implements a
> whole new database connector, for the PostgreSQL database.
> It's the real deal, a new UNO component, 57 files, 9607 lines of code,
> about 4 months in the pipeline. It's 100% in Java, and while developing it
> I've also written a lot of SDBCX helper classes, loosely based on the C++
> ones we already have, which will make writing future Java-based database
> drivers much easier :).
> Ok so it's still in its early alpha stages, maybe 50% finished, and will
> need considerable further development, so definitely not recommended for
> production use yet, but it already supports some things that are broken in
> LibreOffice's PostgreSQL driver ;).
> I would have preferred to wait until it was more complete before
> committing, but I thought now is a good time, as there is talk of project
> inactivity, help from others would be welcome, and "release early, release
> often" is the open-source way.
> It's already integrated into the build, but if you want to contribute to
> development, it could not be easier: the Ant project opens in Eclipse (open
> main/connectivity/java/sdbc_postgresql/build.xml using "Java Project from
> Existing Ant Buildfile"), it builds in 2 seconds, and can be easily
> debugged (in AOO, Tools -> Options, Java, Parameters, add:
> "-agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=8000"
> and attach the remote debugger from Eclipse).
> To use it, you need the PostgreSQL JDBC JAR file in your classpath (we
> should probably ship it to users instead of requiring them to download and
> configure it in their AOO Tools -> Options, Java, Class Path). In the
> database wizard, choose "Connect to an existing database" and select
> "PostgreSQL". At present you have to enter database URLs in the broken form
> of "://". Database queries work well with a variety of
> data types, but some DDL features are missing/broken, eg. you can't rename
> tables, indexes can't be deleted, views/users/groups need implementing,
> "Refresh tables" gives you a blank screen. The code also needs to be
> audited and cleaned up a lot (locking, UNO lifecycle, null strings (which
> are banned in UNO)), and the relevant GUI dialogs and wizards need adding
> (under main/dbaccess).
> Note that you need Java >= 7.
> Anyway, development continues. We have a few more database drivers that
> need to be developed, such as the Thunderbird address book driver and the
> LDAP driver which we lost when Mozilla was removed from the build.
> Regards
> Damjan

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