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From Peter kovacs <>
Subject Re: Weak reference helper implementations
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2017 19:04:51 GMT
Sorry, for my bad english.
I meant that I think that some of the functionality which we have implemented in helper functions
in the past can be retired by using modern c++11 and later standards.
The code will be smaller,and according to Bjarne Stroustrup also faster.
I also would like to limit if not ban usage of C code. It makes tmaintainability more difficult,
and I do not see the benefit. Honestly even less then the Java stuff.
I also don't like helper structures. It is a sign for weak architecture in my eyes. (But that's
naming and structuring of code)

With our small team, I would opt always for less codelines if possible. Limit is only readability.

I would like to know if there is support from others to remove those whenever possible with
c++11 Or later code? Or what strategy do we want to head out for.

I have soon more little time. And then I want to do some stuff. Sadly I will do less then
I want to, but I hope it will go fine.

All the best.

Am 14. August 2017 19:54:06 MESZ schrieb Marcus <>:
>Am 14.08.2017 um 19:38 schrieb Peter kovacs:
>> I am going through the code, when I have little time left.
>> There is a lot of code I think we don't need the modern
>implementation should provide us similar functionality.
>What do you mean with "modern implementation". Should newer libaries
>frameworks we use nowadays provide this support?
>> Is it okay if we target to get rid of such old Code?
>> Btw. There is a code for a workaround of a bug from gcc version 3.
>Can we retire that Code?
>Version 3 started in early 2000. A quick search in our Wiki [1] found 
>only some hits and these are - surprise - very old. But I don't think 
>that these are relevant any more.
>I cannot lookup what the configure script is tell you as minimal
>of gcc. But I would bet it's far away from 3.
>My 2 ct - as non-developer.
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