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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Are any of our Pootle admins monitoring the l10n list?
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2017 20:41:07 GMT
Keith N. McKenna wrote:
> I just re-subscribed to the l10n list and noticed that there a handful
> of requests for new Pootle Account

I am a Pootle admin and I created virtually all the recent Pootle 
accounts. I do monitor the l10n list, but indeed the queue ought to be 
shorter and addressed more often, so help is more than welcome. 
Sometimes creating an account is quick and easy and I still do it, but 
at times it requires more work to be useful (for example, when the 
language does not exist in Pootle yet) and these requests lag behind.

> If there is
> a shortage of time for current admins to monitor requests and create the
> new accounts I will gladly take it on if possible.

Yes, this would be welcome, thanks! I already showed the process to the 
people at FOSDEM back in February, but we probably didn't move forward 
on that and I remain the only (semi)active administrator.

> I would need a brief
> description of the process to create the accounts and of course the
> proper karma.

Please login at using your Apache ID and 
password: all committers can login with no need for an account to be 
created for them in advance.

Then, likely next weekend, I can prepare a set of instructions on 
account creation and management and of course I'll make you an admin.

Let's use this same thread to get lazy consensus to make you a Pootle 
administrator in the meantime.


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