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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: i have tested (was: Test builds for Windows)
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2017 09:44:31 GMT
Hmm, seems my fun LVL is low.
It is just an advert. It is fine if you like it your way. But I really really recommend you
take at least a look. Maybe it has some ideas for you. Since the tool is only a PowerShell
And Windows install mechanics need some love... ;)

All the best

Am 30. Juni 2017 08:00:37 MESZ schrieb "Jörg Schmidt" <>:
>> From: Peter Kovacs [] 
>> Windows98 is not a good reference in total.
>> I would only compare it to the NT series. And all of them 
>> where stable depending what you install.
>My statement was just a joke. Of course it is not right to compare
>Windows 98SE directly with Windows7.
>btw: I've never used Windows NT. My first stable system was Windows
>> I would like to advertise Chocolatey, the Windows Paket 
>> Manager. It is really the way to go if you want to do server 
>> based installations.
>Thanks, but no. I do not need any extra tools for my purposes.
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