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From Gavin McDonald <>
Subject Buildbot upgrades broken ? (was: Re: Forums and Wiki VM Migrations)
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2017 00:59:53 GMT

> On 28 Jun 2017, at 2:18 am, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
> Gavin McDonald wrote:
>> ...
>> ...
>> We need to migrate these services over to new fully puppetized VMs.
> One thing to remember: while we can live without buildbots (that were left crippled by
a similar infrastructure upgrade) we can't have a long downtime for the Forum or Wiki; so
if Infra is embarking on this, then this time the job must be completed successfully. I see
the JIRA issues already take care of stating this, but it's better to point it out again

The Operating Systems were upgraded on some Buildbot VMS whilst others were replaced altogether.
Mostly, I see this as the OpenOffice project need to keep up to speed with Operating Systems,
associated software packages for those systems and ensure that the OpenOffice software can
run on ever evolving systems. Windows 7 as an example was EOL years ago and security updates
no longer available. Ubuntu 12.04 the same thing. You are complaining we replaced 5 year old
and 10 year old Operating systems and that this broke your builds. 

Builds break, upgrades of Operating Systems and their underlying software packages happen.
Our build systems will always be evolving so projects must learn to cope with this and ensure
their builds change with it.

I would like to have all the OpenOffice builds fixed. So, please open INFRA tickets for all
broken builds where you see that INFRA needs to do something - install software etc. But sitting
around doing nothing is not going
to get them fixed. 


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