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From "Raphael Bircher" <>
Subject Apache OpenOffice NG
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:33:16 GMT
Hi all

Apache OpenOffice NG stands for New Generation. I know, this thread is  
difficult. Just sit down, relax and read it. This is just a brainstorm. We  
don't talk now if it's possible or not.

What would happened if we drop the product but not the project? Drop the  
binaries and just doing source Release. The idea is to hand over the final  
products (can be a variety of products) to third party organizations  
(Companies, whatever). The Project remains open to provide a common  

I know, this is a complete different way. At first i said: "NO, NEVER",  
but if I start thinking a bit longer I also see the big chances in.

Maybe we should say goodbye to the idea of the one big office suite who  
try to serve all the peoples needs and start to think in direction of  
smaller office tools who are customized for a User Group.

What you think about this, the tread is open for inputs, ideas and so on.

Regards Raphael

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