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From Dave <>
Subject Re: trying to acquire Open Office.
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2017 16:23:33 GMT
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From: Sherry Sylvain <>
To: <>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 01:00:51 +0000

> You web site and download guidelines are so "technical" and convoluted, I can't figure
out what you're offering or who I get it.  For example, in download options, - this -
> 8<-- Copy of the web page content cut -->8
> means absolutely noting to your average girl.  What the hell is Windows (EXE) and how
does it relate to my OS of Windows 7 Pro?  Asturnian is perhaps a small European country of
which I was previously unaware?  Perhaps near Austria?  and 4.1.3 means exactly what??
> I bet if you tried just a little harder to you could make completely incomprehensible
> Thanks.

Hi Sherry,

All the contributors to this project (we are all unpaid volunteers)
welcome "/constructive/" criticism. You are offering criticism, but have
not put forward any _constructive_ proposal as to how the download page
might be simplified.

You say "/I can't figure out what you're offering/", which begs the
question: If you don't know what "/it/" is, why are you looking at the
download page?

If you had gone to the project's home page
you would have seen a link that says:

    I want to learn more about OpenOffice
    What is Apache OpenOffice? And why should I use it?

Clicking that link takes website visitors to: a page which provides an
outline of what we are offering.

As to the many options offered on the download page.The script running
in the background of that page attempts to detect:

  * Which operating system your computer is running. (There are several
  * Which language your web browser is using. (There are many more
    possibilities here.)
  * And offers the most recent release of the software.

In _most_ instances the script accurately detects and offers the correct
installation package to be downloaded

Are you suggesting that the auto-detection script should always achieve
the impossible feat of 100% accuracy and only offer what "/You/" want?
That would deny me the option of: eg. Using a 64bit Windows computer
with an English browser to download a 32bit Linux version 3.4.1 package
for a friend who only speaks Italian. An exceptional case, but numerous
combinations of such a scenario are possible.

As to "/who (How) I get it/", is there anything confusing about the
"/Download full installation/" button?

We would welcome your constructive proposal about how the download page
page could be simplified and we would surely consider the viability of
implementing your proposal.


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