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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice NG
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2017 08:02:00 GMT

> From: Raphael Bircher [] 

> Apache OpenOffice NG stands for New Generation. I know, this 
> thread is  
> difficult. Just sit down, relax and read it. This is just a 
> brainstorm. We  
> don't talk now if it's possible or not.
> What would happened if we drop the product but not the 
> project? Drop the  
> binaries and just doing source Release. The idea is to hand 
> over the final  
> products (can be a variety of products) to third party organizations  
> (Companies, whatever). The Project remains open to provide a common  
> codebase.
> I know, this is a complete different way. At first i said: 
> "NO, NEVER",  
> but if I start thinking a bit longer I also see the big chances in.

Everything you propose can be done today, there is no need for a separate

Your mistake is (imho) to believe that a decision from us would automatically
increase the interest of third party organizations.

> Maybe we should say goodbye to the idea of the one big office 
> suite who  
> try to serve all the peoples needs and start to think in 
> direction of  
> smaller office tools who are customized for a User Group.

I do not read the word "cloud", but I am afraid that is meant.

In this case, I say: I need, even in the future, a _desktop_ office. For me this
is a question of security, because in today's reality, the cloud is only safe
until the next hacker attack.


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