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From "Raphael Bircher" <>
Subject Re: Release 4.1.3 (4.1.4)
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2017 13:49:02 GMT
Hi all

Am .03.2017, 23:42 Uhr, schrieb Andrea Pescetti <>:

> Raphael Bircher wrote:
>> @Ariel please give a comment, if you are able to create the Release or
>> not. If not, I'm willing to volunteer as release manager.
> More than a Release Manager we need builds. Can you put builds online  
> for people to test? Even though it is (deliberately) complex to do so,  
> you can upload them to your account via SFTP.
> I can only follow a few discussions lately, but I think I can provide  
> proper Linux-64 builds from the AOO414 branch matching the 4.1.3  
> specifications (this won't happen before end of March). Unfortunately  
> this is only marginally useful as the majority of downloads are for  
> other operating systems. So it is very valuable if, on your own machine  
> (no buildbots, let's keep it simple), you can provide builds for other  
> systems.

Ok, I just started to setup windows for Release compatible builds. But it  
will take some time, since windows is the most nasty platform to build.

Is there someone who can do Mac OS X?

And Linux 32bit?


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