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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: Templates Site "Access Denied"
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2017 18:56:41 GMT
On 3/22/17 2:35 PM, Matthias Seidel wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> As both the templates and the extensions site don't have SSL
> certificates I opened an issue with Apache Infra.
> They say, the sites point to Sourceforge and they can't do anything
> about it.
> So can SF add certificates to those sites and enable permanent
> redirection to HTTPS?

Yes I noticed this as well, and believe we can set that up.  It'll probably take
some Drupal work also, to make sure resources are all loaded over HTTPS to avoid
mixed content warnings, before we can force redirection to HTTPS.

> Firefox (and other browsers) are beginning to warn users if they log
> into sites without encryption.
> Kind regards, Matthias
> Am 21.03.2017 um 03:37 schrieb Dave Brondsema:
>> On 3/20/17 3:09 PM, Marcus wrote:
>>> Am 20.03.2017 um 17:56 schrieb Dave Brondsema:
>>>> On 3/16/17 4:48 PM, Marcus wrote:
>>>>> Am 06.03.2017 um 19:25 schrieb Dave Brondsema:
>>>>>> On 3/5/17 4:38 AM, Roberto Galoppini wrote:
>>>>>>> 2017-03-04 10:04 GMT+01:00 Marcus <
>>>>>>> <>>:
>>>>>>>     Am 03.03.2017 <tel:03.03.2017> um 00:43 schrieb Dave
>>>>>>>         A few bits I missed addressing on my prior email:
>>>>>>>                         I have been able to reproduce the error
simply by
>>>>>>>                         visiting the site and
>>>>>>>                         clicking on the name of any template,
using an
>>>>>>> incognito
>>>>>>>                         Chrome window on
>>>>>>>                         ChromeOS to ensure there are no statefulness
>>>>>>>         I can't reproduce it like that.  The example link errors
out, but all
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>         templates I find just browsing around work.
>>>>>>>                         I've no access to the site so can't investigate
>>>>>>> further.
>>>>>>>                         Can someone with
>>>>>>>                         admin rights investigate please?
>>>>>>>                     as you know for sure we also have no access
to any
>>>>>>> webpages
>>>>>>>                     that are
>>>>>>>                     hosted by Sourceforge. So, we cannot do anything
>>>>>>>                     I don't know if somebody ping'ed already
Sourceforge about
>>>>>>>                     this problem.
>>>>>>>                     But I'll do it here again.
>>>>>>>         This community should have access and should be able
to maintain the
>>>>>>> site.
>>>>>>>         SourceForge users "aooadmin" and "ipv6guru" are admins
of the
>>>>>>>         <>
project which
>>>>>>>         corresponds to the
>>>>>>> <>
>>>>>>> Others
>>>>>>>         can be added (ideally by those 2 users,
>>>>>>>         so we at SourceForge don't have verify identities). 
>>>>>>> for web
>>>>>>>         hosting is at
>>>>>>> <>
>>>>>>>         I
>>>>>>>         believe should work fine for the templates site, although
we have
>>>>>>> made a few
>>>>>>>         specific customizations compared to regular SourceForge
project web
>>>>>>> hosting.
>>>>>>>         Same goes for aoo-extensions.
>>>>>>>     OK, but I've no idea what to do to check and fix such erros?
I think we
>>>>>>>     still need some help in this case.
>>>>>>> Dave as you know in past we got that stuff done by a contractor,
as you
>>>>>>> probably
>>>>>>> remember it's a Drupal application and the community seems to
lack the
>>>>>>> necessary
>>>>>>> expertise.
>>>>>>> If you have access to internal skilled resources it would be
great if
>>>>>>> SourceForge could provide help with that, as you can see we're
kind of stuck
>>>>>>> atm.
>>>>>> Yeah, I will see if there's anyone here that can help out.  It might
not happen
>>>>>> very quickly though, and in general we support just the hosting and
not the
>>>>>> Drupal/PHP code.  But we want OpenOffice to keep on doing great,
so I'll see if
>>>>>> we can provide any extra help.
>>>>>> Who has an admin login to the templates site?  I think adding more
admins is
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> first step, so people can try to check the permissions & metadata
on the bad
>>>>>> template entries.
>>>>>> Once someone starts to dig into the code, my general debugging approach
>>>>>> would be
>>>>>> to grep the codebase for "Access Denied" and "If you were looking
for a
>>>>>> Template, this means it is no longer available." etc to see what
triggers that
>>>>>> error message.  I also wonder if the codebase is in git anywhere?
>>>>> Hi Dave,
>>>>> so, whats up now? Is there any help you can offer? The problem is not
>>>>> better.
>>>> From my last email, I was hoping we could get an Drupal admin login to the
>>>> templates site.  Who would have that?
>>> I need to lookup my passwords. Then I can login as admin.
>> Thanks.
>>> However, this wouldn't help. AFAIK we have nobody with Drupal knowledge.
>> I think it will be useful to see what we can see from the Drupal admin side.
>> Once you're in, could you set my user as an admin?  (username "dave-brondsema"
>> id 241648) Then I can start the process of looking around in there.
>>> You could tell us what to look for and what to do in cases A, B, C, etc. But
>>> then it's better when you (SourceForge) do it yourself right away. ;-)
>>>> Also I'd like to see a better example of where this is failing.  The example
>>>> is the only one I've seen and
>>>> simply mean that template is gone.  What's an example of seeing a template
>>>> the site and then not being able to see its details & download it?
>>> I don't know of any other better examples. But IMHO there were some mails with
>>> links in the last days posted to this mailing list. I'm sure they can serve as
>>> examples. Please have a look for them.
>> I see two forwarded from Martin Groenescheij.  They seem to be end-user issues.
>> I am able to access and download the template files just fine.  (Sorting &
>> filtering does have some small usability issues)
>> An email from Feb 22 reports the problem, but without enough details.
>> One from Feb 22, mentions a "cBrainpower1.3" template. On
>> there is a link to
>> which has an error message, so that's one I can check in the admin area or database.
>>> Thanks for your help.

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