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From "Raphael Bircher" <>
Subject Re: future of OpenOffice
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2017 08:26:34 GMT
Hi Akos

Am .01.2017, 08:29 Uhr, schrieb Nagy Ákos <>:

> Hi,
> it is impossible, because the LO license is LGPL+MPL, that can't be
> merged in OpenOffice.
As whole package yes, but you can ask individual contributors to put there  
code to Apache License 2.0.

> The single way is that OpenOffice can merge in LibreOffice, more exactly
> the is redirected to, because the OO code
> is outdated compared with LO code.
How you know, the AOO Code is outdated? We maintain the code, as LO  
maintain there code. Please come with facts.

> The LibreOffice brand now is more popular than OpenOffice, and some
> other facts: LibreOffice have few hundred new features that OO don't
> have, LibreOffice have a cloud suit (LibreOffice Online) etc.
> You can compare the development trends:

Libre Office is maybe popular at the Linux world, and even there exist  
Users who kick LO and install OpenOffice. There are big features in LO who  
simply shipped over to LO. Native SVG Import. Mac OS X 64 Bit port, and  
the Sidebar for exemple. Many of the added Features are simply buddled  

More feature dosen't mean a better product. If you add a load of new bugs  
to the software in the same time, the user will not be happy.

> (include webpage and wiki)
> (only application code)
> Based on financial reports, TDF has income equal to Apache Foundation,
> and TDF spend all money to LibreOffice, but Apache only a little part
> from their income spend for OO.
Apache spend more or less only the infrastructure. TDF and ASF are not  
comparebel. ASF does not found individual projects at all. Not even the  
ApacheCon is founded over ASF budget.

Regards, Raphael

> 2017. 01. 10. 20:43 keltezéssel, suhail ansari írta:
>> Hi,
>>   My name is Suhail and I have some suggestions for OpenOffice  
>> community.
>> OpenOffice is very popular and it attracts large number of downloads.  
>> My suggestion is that Apache software foundation should talk to the  
>> document foundation and ask them to merge their foundation with Apache  
>> software foundation because Apache is world's biggest open source  
>> software foundation and if the document foundation joins Apache then we  
>> can have one product (OpenOffice). The ASF has many popular open source  
>> software products like hadoop, tomcat, OpenOffice etc. It will be good  
>> for both ASF and the document foundation to work together.
>> Suhail Ansari
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