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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Error on enum statement. Can sombody take a little time and explain the enum and the error?
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2017 01:06:32 GMT
Hello all,

I tried to compile the source again. since I had again missing 
definition on trunc I wanted to know if I can build at least the 4.1.3 
release. I checked out the branch and started all over.

And I ran into following Issue:

../inc/basebmp/packedpixeliterator.hxx:80:10: error: enumerator value 
for 'bit_mask' is not an integer constant

The corresponding code is:

   enum {
         /** The number of pixel within a single value_type value
         /** Bit mask for one pixel (least significant bits)
         bit_mask=~(~0 << bits_per_pixel)

An explanation would be great. I found [1] on the net, but I am realy 
unsure if this is the same. And I do not understand the code in 
packedpixeliterator at all.

All the best and thanks for your time.



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