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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Meson: yet another build system
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 16:32:05 GMT
> Objective C? Yacc? Cygwin? Custom compiler flags to disable C++ exception
> handling, build some files with optimizations disabled?
> Our build systems are not our biggest problem. Meson, or SCons, or others,
> could be good if we were starting a new project. We aren't. We are
> maintaining one we poorly understand.

I agree the build system is not our biggest problem.

> Porting to Meson will not be any easier than porting to gbuild. Writing
> gbuild code becomes easy with practice. *Understanding* dmake / build.lst /
> d.lst is hard...

So you are now a fan of gbuild? ;).

Moving python would be a huge step forward towards getting rid of dmake
as it seems to be required for any alternative build system (other than 
gbuild which of course would require it to build with gbuild anyways).

> I've spend the last day trying to port several more modules to gbuild. I've
> succeeded with main/fileaccess, main/io and main/package, but ran into
> walls with main/rdbmaker and main/store. Dmake apparently has ways to name
> libraries that gbuild can neither produce nor find (eg.,
> These culprits use the evil UNIXVERSIONNAMES setting which
> generates such names:
> cppu
> cppuhelper
> jvmaccess
> jvmfwk
> registry
> salhelper
> sal
> store



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