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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: need help with ASF's,Apple developer account
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2016 20:35:25 GMT
On 28.10.2016 20:45, Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
> Hello Peter,
Hello Ariel,
> This does not seem to be the first priority for delivering a signed
> macOS application, I can think of:
> 1) do you have a Mac?
I own a Macbook Air model 2009. Today its a Mac OO QA instance, when I 
find the time for this activity. I do not use it for anything else.
> 2) do you build AOO in a Mac?
I currently try to build AOO on Linux. Since I believe it is easier then 
to fight with the Apple rubbish at the same time. But when I can build 
OO on Linux, I will try to build on Mac and Windows.
Currently I have problems with building OO at all. But I learn a lot 
about the build infrastructure. (You always learn when things are not 
working. My gentoo experience ;) )
> 3) do you know the AOO source code and build environment enough to
>     integrate as a part of the build process the signing workflow
>     currently supported by the ASF?

3.1) I think basic understanding of the Code and Architecture of OO. It 
is sufficient to understand where I am stuck and to find ressources on 
the topic.
3.2) I have a rough understanding how the build Process works. I am 
still trying to understand it thought. It is not enough to successfully 
build at the moment however.
3.3) No I have no clue on what it takes to integrate the signing Process.
> These prerequisites are not trivial, our build process is already too
> cumbersome to make integrating
> appear as something
> trivial.
That sounds like we need a different build process first :/  - Well, No 
Problem. I was thinking the same today. ;P
However I think that stuffing something at the end, is pretty trivial, 
compared to stuffing something at the beginning. But as I said above I 
have no clue. Maybe I am a bit naive here. Currently I try to work 
around something in the Middle. Most interesting and difficult. Sadly I 
do not have so much time as I want to.
Maybe I am worse volunteer developer you have in the community. But I do 
belive, I am still better then Mr. "no body". =D

All the best

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