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From Xen <>
Subject Re: <DKIM> In regards to Open Office
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2016 00:57:48 GMT
Hagar Delest schreef op 03-10-2016 22:57:

> Even if it came from a previous format, the goal was to make a
> documented format to allow compatibility with other applications. So
> not designed from scratch, agreed, but changes made for
> interoperability. That's how I understand the target of ODF.

I just feel that even though people may say they are doing so for "good 
reasons" in the end you will have found that they just tried to feed 
their own table. And were doing so for their own reasons. If you are a 
smaller party and you want people to cooperate with you then it helps a 
lot if you can show that non-interoperation has no good reasons for it; 
it is to take those arguments away from critics: now you have no reason 
to not cooperate.

It just stems from the political perspective of someone who finds 
himself in that position.

It's what /anyone/ would do from that position. That doesn't make it 
better or morally superior; it is just a good strategy to take when you 
want to be the one they should take up for consideration.

So I am just saying it was done for their own reasons and not for 
'altruistic' reasons of that kind; many people may say so, but in the 
end it was just self-interest (and there is not really anything wrong 
with it and I guess that is the whole point of that).

These advocates proclaim moral superiority by pretending to be 
altruistic and then condemning those who are not the same.

But in the end we are all the same and we do things for our own reasons, 
and the open source advocates do so also.

It was /not/ done for altruistic reasons and therefore we are the same 
as some company who is also not doing it for altruistic reasons. This 
façade that people are doing things for different reasons than what they 
are actually doing them for, is what creates the issues.

This creates the façade of moral superiority when it is not so; we are 
all just human, after all.

And the whole point of that is that it is okay to do things for your own 
reasons. You don't first have to "prove" that you are doing something 
for good reasons before you can go and do it.

> There is no enemy. Agreed. But Users should be aware of the rules.

I must say I found myself in a similar situation when the Opera M2 (mail 
client) started corrupting my data after I had accidentally started the 
program twice (at the same time). My email from that period was mostly 
lost; for how could I ever recover this.

So I am not unsympathetic to wanting to be in a place where you can be 
sure your data is safe.

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