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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Question about spell check
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 20:27:28 GMT
Am 10/04/2016 10:17 PM, schrieb Patricia Shanahan:
> On 10/4/2016 1:15 PM, Marcus wrote:
>> Am 10/04/2016 09:44 PM, schrieb Patricia Shanahan:
>>> I downloaded and installed
>>> Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.3_Win_x86_install_en-GB.exe. To my distress, when
>>> I first started it, it accepted "color" (US spelling) and rejected
>>> "colour" (English spelling).
>>> I thought perhaps it picked up my previous use of en-US from my profile,
>>> but I got the same effect installing on a new Windows 10 computer that
>>> has never run any OpenOffice before.
>>> It is using English, not American, spellings in the user interface, but
>>> I would have expected documents to also default to the installation
>>> language.
>>> What language is supposed to be used, by default, for user documents?
>> it's the language from the underlying system.
>> The same values are set when it comes to other formattings. E.g., you
>> will see "US-Dollar" for the currency and not "British Pound".
>> However, the UI interface is the language from the installation file.
>> *IMHO* it's OK that not all settings are set to the language of the
>> installation file. However, for the default spell check it's
>> discuss-worthy.
> I'll check that it is not a regression. If it isn't, we can put it aside
> for now. It does seem strange that I need to do more to get en-GB
> spelling after installing an en-GB AOO.

for me it's not that strange as I see the main purpose of the respective 
language in the install file for the UI (menus, help, etc.).

Just think of installing 2-3 langpacks. So, what should now be the 
default language? Hm ...

However, as written the setting the spell check language is 
discuss-worthy. I can think of this as a secondary purpose when choosing 
a specific language for OpenOffice.


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