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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] What Would OpenOffice Retirement Involve? (long)
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2016 14:37:50 GMT
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> From: Federico Leva (Nemo) []
> Sent: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 03:30
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> Subject: [DISCUSS] What Would OpenOffice Retirement Involve? (long)
> I see the biggest point as missing from the list/plan posted by Dennis
> E. Hamilton: an easy upgrade path for current OpenOffice users, to make
> sure that people aren't inconvenienced and that the efforts OpenOffice
> contributors' made for the growth FLOSS aren't wasted.
> Perhaps some of the install/upgrade facilities could automate the switch
> to LibreOffice, and/or the most visited URLs (such as /download/ on the
> OOo website and /files/latest/download on Sourceforge) could be
> redirected to the LibreOffice equivalents.
> I'm sure the devs can find technically suitable solutions. If ASF can't
> handle such long-term preservation, another stable entity with long-term
> interest in the task could be transferred all assets and tasked with the
> goal (for instance The Document Foundation?).

The sketch is not developed to that level of detail and there would be much to consider if
retirement, which would extend over months, were the option taken.  The point of a graceful
retirement is to ensure that the extensive OpenOffice community is well-served and achieves
a soft landing.

Continuing the [DISCUSS], I pointed out that advice about where to find alternatives could
be provided as part of the "updates available" periodic reminders at the web site.  My own
preference is that we not choose a successor, but provide a menu of choices for users to investigate
and choose from.  In general, ASF projects do not endorse products and services, but do provide
information on what is available.  This strikes me as a valuable approach as part of any retirement

> Nemo
> P.s.: To archive a MediaWiki website, you can create a static copy with
> mwoffliner and serve it with
> kiwix-serve; all history should be preserved with dumps on the Internet
> Archive: . Software
> for WARC can also prove useful for any website.

This is covered in the [DISCUSS] material.  In particular the Apache Attic project provides
much of this.

Thank you for the information about kiwix-serve.  Creating static sites would be important
in preserving the MediaWiki.

 - Dennis
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