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From toki <>
Subject Re: Independent Entity to Develop and Further AOO
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 18:30:06 GMT
On 31/08/2016 16:26, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:

> One can always create an independent entity.  It hasn't happened.  By now, the odds are
clearly that it will not.  

The Document Foundation is an independent entity, building upon the OOo
3.x code base.

> My considered opinion is that the greatest barrier is lack of a meaningful business/operation/funding

The business model is giving away the product, but selling support
services. Sun almost understood that model. Oracle understands that
model,but would rather throw away their product, than actually implement
that model at the SOHO, or smaller scale.

As a business model, it works for most of the Apache projects that
emerged from Incubation, and stayed out of the Attic.

> I also don't think working on Apache OpenOffice is much of a resume builder, 

What builds resumes is the specific contributions one makes. The
specific project, be it AOo, No Man's Sky, BLEACHER, or anything else,
is irrelevant.

>since there is no other project like it and probably will never be.

At least four other office suites utilize code from AOo. There are at
least a thousand office suites for Android, and iOS, for which AOo
development is a useful starting point.

> If my appraisal is sound, that leaves us with the question about sustainability of the
Apache OpenOffice project itself,

Go back to the revenue generation model.

Back in the 2003-2005 time frame, there were several organizations
licensing their rebranded version of OOo for between US$20 and US$5,000
per seat, per year. For various reasons, I quit tracking that data, and
thus don't know what the current situation is.

A decade ago, it was fairly difficult to find worksites of more than
1,000 that used OOo. Today, worksites of more than 5,000 users, using an
OOo derivative, are not not that scarce. Somebody is providing tech
support for those worksites.


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