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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: a question about "APPLY-4.1.2-patch1.bat"
Date Sat, 20 Aug 2016 22:41:31 GMT
> From: Dennis E. Hamilton [] 

> Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 *does* *not* install hwp.dll.  It 
> should not be there.  
> That is one of the ways that we can determine that the patch 
> is likely being applied to 4.1.2 and not an incorrect 
> version.  hwp.dll was removed as part of the resolution of 
> CVE-2015-1774, 
> <>.
> If your version of 4.1.2 was obtained from the 
> download page, it is safe to delete hwp.dll.  If it has an 
> earlier date than other files (such as tl.dll), that means it 
> is probably left-over from the install of an earlier AOO version.
> Please confirm if that is the case.
>  - Dennis

I had an older version of the installation file (File Date was 28-09-2015),
no idea how this happened.
I have now downloaded the latest installation file and everything is OK.


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