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From Damjan Jovanovic <>
Subject ./bootstrap: LWP::Protocol::https replaced by
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2016 17:24:58 GMT

Both we and Infra have been battling with the buildbots for far too long,
and the inability to do https:// downloads consistently due to missing
LWP::Protocol::https has been a major thorn in our side.

Perl in AOO is not going well. CPAN modules don't install easily: in both
CentOS 5 and (Infra tells me) in Cygwin some tests fail, preventing
installation. If in 5 months INFRA-11296 has not been closed, and we're
still having mystery problems on the buildbots where Perl modules are
installed but can't be found, and this is even holding up further
development, such as being able to test whether removing VCVARS32.BAT from
the Windows build script fixes the apr build failure and file lock, then I
believe it's past time to tell Perl goodbye!

So as of r1753943, Perl's LWP::UserAgent no longer downloads files. I was
thinking of using a CLI tool instead, something like wget, but that's
another dependency we'd have to document, that may not be available on all
platforms (eg. Mac, OS/2), and that is broken on CentOS 5 for https://
which is what we need it for the most.

So how do we download files now?

Java. Java supports https:// out of the box, is very portable between
operating systems and CPUs, uses its own root CA certificates, is already
used on all the buildbots, and is documented as being a mandatory build
dependency (even though it doesn't seem that way in ./configure). A simple
class main/solenv/javadownloader/ gets compiled into
main/solenv/<platform>/class/AOOJavaDownloader.class by the ./bootstrap
script, and then called from Perl's main/solenv/bin/ and
main/solenv/bin/modules/ using system(), in place of
LWP::UserAgent. Internally, it uses for http/https
support, deals with HTTP redirection, also verifying MD5 and SHA1 hashes
like the Perl DownloadFile() function it replaces.

The way it's been set up is a bit of a hack, but it's working phenomenally
well on both FreeBSD and Windows, and with it the Windows aoo-win7 buildbot
has successfully bootstrapped for the first time in memorable history, and
with VCVARS32.BAT eliminated it looks like it may even finish building


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