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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Officially releasing a patch for CVE-2016-1513
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2016 20:10:09 GMT
Am 07/31/2016 08:52 PM, schrieb Kay Schenk:
> Well...I didn't see this message before I got started and I just
> finished with Linux32 and used Ariel's patch for this. Of course it can
> be changed if desired. File size wise, Ariel's patch seemed more in
> keeping with what I have. You can see what I put on the commit for this.
> I don't want to get in the middle of whose patches to use, so someone
> else can re-commit and change this if they like.
> I need some review on the VERY large README I put out there for Linux32.
> I know some Linux folks are not comfortable with the command line, so,
> it turned out larger than I had originally anticipated.
> If the linux64 stuff is similar, I'll just basically do the same for it.
> I don't run on Linux64 so I can't do any comparisons between file sizes
> provided by Carl vs Ariel.

I don't think that there won't be any differences when I look at your 
instructions in the README.

> And finally, I put out the MacOSX patch already but have NO instructions
> because I don't know Mac.
> I won't be doing anything with the Windows area at all, leaving that to
> someone else.
> In summary, I will finish up doing the same for Linux64 today in a while.
> I won't have time to work on any more of this until Tuesday at the earliest.

I'm preparing the hotfix webpage. For this I've some questions:

1. Do we want to provide zip files for every platform or just single 
files for the library and other files?

2. Can we add ASC, MD5, SHA256 files for every library (or zip) file?

3. Is this the final URL or just for our testing before moving to the 
official URL?



> On 07/31/2016 10:21 AM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>> I would prefer that we use Ariel's for the Mac and keep the other Linux ones since
those have been accounted for as having been put through the confirmation process and smoke
testing.  I would like to recognize as many of the contributors as possible.
>> Kay, if you are going to do the uploads of the initial ones for the dev/openoffice/4.1.2-patch1/binary/
area, let me know.  I will not do anything about added documentation for any of them until
they are in the SVN.
>> If you do not, I will do so, with some initial documentation.
>>   - Dennis
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Andrea Pescetti []
>>> Sent: Sunday, July 31, 2016 05:26
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Re: Officially releasing a patch for CVE-2016-1513
>>> On 30/07/2016 Kay Schenk wrote:
>>>> duplicate fixed
>>>> libraries for Linux-32, and Linux-64 based on submissions from Carl,
>>>> Damjan, and Ariel. I'd be happy to move these somewhere in the next
>>> day or
>>>> so, but I don't know what versions we want to use.
>>> Ariel's were built on a CentOS 5 system, so equivalent to the one we
>>> used for 4.1.2; I would thus tend to prefer those (while thanking all
>>> the others for providing builds!).

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