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From Carl Marcum <>
Subject Re: ./bootstrap: LWP::Protocol::https replaced by
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 11:59:53 GMT
On 07/24/2016 01:24 PM, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
> Hi
> Both we and Infra have been battling with the buildbots for far too long,
> and the inability to do https:// downloads consistently due to missing
> LWP::Protocol::https has been a major thorn in our side.
> Perl in AOO is not going well. CPAN modules don't install easily: in both
> CentOS 5 and (Infra tells me) in Cygwin some tests fail, preventing
> installation. If in 5 months INFRA-11296 has not been closed, and we're
> still having mystery problems on the buildbots where Perl modules are
> installed but can't be found, and this is even holding up further
> development, such as being able to test whether removing VCVARS32.BAT from
> the Windows build script fixes the apr build failure and file lock, then I
> believe it's past time to tell Perl goodbye!
> So as of r1753943, Perl's LWP::UserAgent no longer downloads files. I was
> thinking of using a CLI tool instead, something like wget, but that's
> another dependency we'd have to document, that may not be available on all
> platforms (eg. Mac, OS/2), and that is broken on CentOS 5 for https://
> which is what we need it for the most.
> So how do we download files now?
> Java. Java supports https:// out of the box, is very portable between
> operating systems and CPUs, uses its own root CA certificates, is already
> used on all the buildbots, and is documented as being a mandatory build
> dependency (even though it doesn't seem that way in ./configure). A simple
> class main/solenv/javadownloader/ gets compiled into
> main/solenv/<platform>/class/AOOJavaDownloader.class by the ./bootstrap
> script, and then called from Perl's main/solenv/bin/
> and
> main/solenv/bin/modules/ using system(), in place of
> LWP::UserAgent. Internally, it uses for http/https
> support, deals with HTTP redirection, also verifying MD5 and SHA1 hashes
> like the Perl DownloadFile() function it replaces.
> The way it's been set up is a bit of a hack, but it's working phenomenally
> well on both FreeBSD and Windows, and with it the Windows aoo-win7 buildbot
> has successfully bootstrapped for the first time in memorable history, and
> with VCVARS32.BAT eliminated it looks like it may even finish building
> successfully!
> Damjan

That seems like a great solution.

Good luck.


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