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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Officially releasing a patch for CVE-2016-1513
Date Sat, 30 Jul 2016 17:37:48 GMT

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> From: Andrea Pescetti []
> Sent: Saturday, July 30, 2016 05:54
> To:
> Subject: Re: Officially releasing a patch for CVE-2016-1513
> On 30/07/2016 Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> >> -----Original Message-----
> >> From: Andrea Pescetti
> >> So I can supply a full source package or I can give my +1 to a
> "patch"
> >> package that others prepare. ...
> > [orcmid] I can provide the patch source package on Monday.
> Since I can only work on it today, I've uploaded to
> a set of files not meant for voting now.
> There is a full source release (the three files with r1754535 in their
> name) and also an initial "patch-only" package named
> We will probably want to approve
> just the latter; the former set is a backup solution, just in case.

I see the following, each with their .asc, .md5, and .sha256 signatures. (28kb with expected content)

Then there are the following which are not patches but apparently the entire AOO4121 source

   apache-openoffice-4.1.2-patch1-r1754535-src.tar.bz2 (215MB)
   apache-openoffice-4.1.2-patch1-r1754535-src.tar.gz (284MB) (334MB)

This seems like overkill, especially since I don't think we want or need those in dist/release/openoffice/4.1.2-patch1/source/

Since the 4.1.2 source archives are readily available, and applying the patch or replacing
the .cxx file seems pretty easy for anyone who can use the source, I would like to remove
those three.

I have reviewed and the content seems just fine.  I have
verified the .asc signature.  I have verified the md5 and sha256 hashes.  SVN determines that
the poly2.cxx in that .zip when extracted on Windows is indistinguishable from the same file
in the fully-updated working folder from branch AOO410.

I think this is good enough to go with.  

 - Dennis

PS: I suggested r1753426 because it is the revision that applied the cxx patch to trunk. r1754535
is the revision where Kay merged the fix to poly2.cxx onto AOO410.  I think that identifier
could still be on the patch-only version.  I am not wedded to the idea [;<).

> Dennis (and others): feel free to adapt and modify my initial
> "patch-only" package as you see fit, feel free to replace my digital
> signature with yours and start the vote when appropriate.
> Regards,
>    Andrea.
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