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From toki <>
Subject RE: A Question about Open Office Password Protected Text Documenets
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2016 18:48:59 GMT
Roger wrote:

>Is there any likelihood in the future of any ‘redundancy’ or suchlike where these
documents would be no longer accessible by future then current software etc? 

The presence or absence of a specific feature or function being on the
roadmap, does not preclude it from being in a future version of the program.

Ideally, there will at least one version of a future program that can
read/write passwords created by the current algorithm, and by the
proposed/future password algorithm.

>in that there will always be an Open Office allied program capable of unlocking their
password protected format?

In as much as there is off the shelf software, that is not related to, that can read/write passwords created using either the
current algorithm, and the former algorithm, I'm fairly confident that
any future algorithm changes to password creation, will be incorporated
into that off the shelf non-OOo related software. {That the software is
available, does not mean that it will display the password, within a
human lifetime.}


>From a security perspective, the password protection offered by
LibreOffice, Apache Open Office, etc, is roughly equivalent to closing
the door and windows of a house.


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