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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Releasing the Apache OpenOffice API plugin for NetBeans
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2016 17:37:38 GMT
On 20/03/2016 Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> The issue is whether it is ASF distributed software, for which ASF
> trademarks can appropriately be used. I think it is and should continue
> to be ASF distributed software.

So far we've adopted another approach: it is a development tool meant to 
ease OpenOffice development, but it is 100% unrelated to the "real" 
OpenOffice source code. And we've let Carl release it (in the sense of 
making it available on under lazy consensus.

I see four options:

1) Carl moves his sources to Github, Gitlab, Sourceforge, you name it, 
and he does his releases from there. This is a Netbeans plugins focused 
on the OpenOffice API, so I'm not even sure we have a say about the 
trademarks, but a lazy consensus would settle it. I don't like this 
option since moving stuff out of the project is bad in general.

2) We go for the full release vote, but this is a serious process, much 
more than what is needed for this tool. If one really wants to do it 
right, you need a release manager, binding votes, sources in dist/, GPG 
signing the way the ASF wants it, old sources preserved in the ASF 

3) We recognize that has 
different areas, and that not all of them should be subject to the same 
policy. Just like I don't call a release vote when I change a web page 
(the full site is hosted under that tree, so technically I am making a 
"website release" every time I update a page), we could recognize that 
everything in devtools/ is just a set of tools that we can make 
available with lazy consensus and no need for a formal release. This is 
my favorite option.

4) When we make a "real" OpenOffice release, we include the devtools (or 
some devtools) source in it, so that the whole set has the blessing of 
the project. This could work too, at least in the long term.


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