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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: AOO Governance (was RE: Next release and gbuild)
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2016 20:12:30 GMT
Am 03/17/2016 09:00 PM, schrieb Pedro Giffuni:
> Hello;
> I don't know (or care) what donaldupre meant by that "holacracy"
> thing but the ASF does have clear governance structures.
> Concerning a Release Manager I found this:
> "The common practice at Apache is for a single individual to take
> responsibility for the mechanics of a release."
> Note that that common practice doesn't make it mandatory (although
> pretty much a hint in the right direction). However the link also
> states:
> "Release managers do the work of pushing out releases. However, release
> managers are not ultimately responsible."
> I brought the subject the release management being done by a group of
> people before the previous release based on some older document from
> the apache httpd project, I will not repeat again that idea, but I think
> that instead of focusing on find ing one brave sould to do everything,
> the community would do better to focus on a *group* doing things.

right, in the past this was also already done. E.g., J├╝rgen has taken 
over the hat as release maanger. However, he has done "only" the Mac and 
Windows builds. But Ariel has done all Linux builds and others have 
taken care for release notes, website updates, release announcement, 
blog post, etc.

> If one person bears all the responsibilities including building for Mac,
> Windows and Linux then it is going to be increasingly difficult
> to find a new release manager each time.

For sure. And I don't know anybody who can do all these things alone. 
IMHO the most difficult thing is to find people (plural ;-) ) that can 
build on all platforms we need *with the same* build configuration. This 
is an absolutely "must have" as we want comparable builds even when they 
are done on different platforms.

Then others can do the work when the builds are ready, starting with 
distributing to the mirrors.

> What is also increasingly clear to me is that a release won't happen
> immediately soon, even when technically we would be ready for one.

For 4.2.0 we should take more time than previously done for testing. I'm 
pretty sure there are some bugs that should be fixed for the final 
version. ;-) And this needs time.

The good thing is that we are still (a bit) at the beginning of the 
year. So, when we agree to do a new release until the summer vacation 
starts around the world, then this would be great.

My 2 ct.


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