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From Carl Marcum <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Release Groovy UNO Extension via Maven
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2016 01:08:07 GMT
Hi All,

Prior to calling for a release vote I wanted put this information out 
here hoping a few people will try the test script and make sure it works 
for them and see if there are questions or concerns first.

I have created a Maven bundle including source and javadoc jars and 
uploaded it to the Apache Nexus staging area [1].

I attached a test script HelloTextTableShape.groovy to this issue in 
bugzilla [2] that will test the working of the guno-extension.

The test script is a Groovy version of that is 
included in the SDK examples from the Developer Guide.

The script will run as a client application and bootstrap the office 
using the previously released bootstrap-connector and Java UNO jars from 

The test script will pull down the guno-extension from the Nexus staging 
area and get the other dependencies from Maven.

If you had earlier tested the bootstrap-connector.jar by placing it in 
~/.groovy/lib  or added the Java UNO jar files there, you need to remove 
them first.
You need Groovy to run the script.

In HelloTextTableShape.groovy, edit value for oooExeFolder to match the 
path to the soffice executable if needed. It's near the top.
Run with:
 > groovy HelloTextTableShape.groovy

To build from source:
You can get the complete guno-extension source including the Gradle 
build script from our SVN here [3].

You will need Gradle and Groovy to build with:
 > gradle jar

There are additional gradle tasks for building and pgp signing a 
complete release included also.

More info on guno-extension here [4].


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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