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From Michael Palmer <>
Subject Issues building Apache OOo from source on Debian Jessie
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2016 15:58:05 GMT

I just tried to build Apache OOo (current SVN trunk, checked out last 
night) from source. I generated the main/configure script and started 
out, setting options and installing missing libraries through the Debian 
package manager as I went along. That worked for a while, but eventually 
I got stumped.


1. I noticed that the options
--disable-odk, --disable-gnome-vfs, and --disable-gtk, while described 
in the help, failed with

-disable-gtk: command not found

etc. In the case of --disable-gtk, that actually got me stumped, as I'm 
not sure which libraries/packages I'm actually missing, and I couldn't 
find a proper place in the configure script to disable forcibly (as I 
had done with the others).

2. I rather would not build all of Openoffice; I only want to fix the 
included Python interpreter and pyuno library. I would like to use 
Apache OOo work with the library manager Bibus, which is a Python 2 

Debian ships with Libreoffice, which now includes only Python 3 and thus 
shuts out Bibus. Apache OOo ships with Python 2; however, the Python 
executable and the pyuno library that are bundled in the Debian files 
are compiled with UCS2 (16 bit) unicode support, whereas the Debian 
system Python and libraries are compiled with UCS4 (32 bit) unicode. 
This also makes the OOo and the system Python libraries incompatible.

I guess improving the system/OOo Python interoperability would benefit 
other users, too. Since the OOo build system already contains a 
--with-system-python flag, would it be possible to set that flag for 
compiling the Debian packages? Alternatively, is there a way to compile 
just Python and pyuno from source myself, without having to compile all 
the rest of OOo?

Thanks for any help, Michael

Michael Palmer

Department of Chemistry
University of Waterloo
200 University Ave. W
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1

Office: ESC 234
Phone:  (519) 888 4567 ext 35100

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