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From RA Stehmann <>
Subject Re: Food for Thought
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2016 09:44:23 GMT
On 15.02.2016 23:14, Patricia Shanahan wrote:

> The typical AOO user is a Windows-using non-programmer. I found just
> building AOO on Windows a challenging two week project, for which I
> needed a lot of help, despite prior familiarity with Subversion and
> Cygwin. As a practical matter, most people who need a bug fixed to make
> AOO useful to them simply do not have the option of taking it into their
> own hands.
> Incidentally, that cultural difference may affect the severity of data
> loss bugs. I find someone working for an extended period on a document
> with no revision control or off-site backup a little shocking at first
> sight. Then I realized I learned about the importance of revision
> control and off-site backup on the job, not in my non-programming life.
> Maybe it would be helpful for the PMC to select a very, very short "Most
> wanted" list, based on user requests, feedback at conferences etc. That
> would help new AOO recruits pick a focus.

There are two differences between AOO and most of the other Apache projects.

The first is a technical one: The huge size of the code.

The second is a "social" one: AOO is an enduser project, and not a
project developing code used by it-professionals. Patricia described it
well above.

So AOO has to find a special "Apache Way" of doing things proper.

I'm a living example for that: I'm a member of the PMC without ever
having written a single line of code for AOO (Shame on me ;-) ). I
think, you won't find such cases in other Apache PMCs.

For an OpenOffice supporter it is quite normal doing other things than
developing the code: Doing QA, documentation, translation, user support
and training, extensions, so called marketing etc.

So we have to find procedures, how all these people with different
functions can collaborate in a proper way.

Just a little more "Food for Thought".

Kind regards

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